Zahra Jafari

Zahra Jafari
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After obtaining a BS and MS in Audiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Zahra completed a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience in adults with auditory neuropathy via auditory evoked potential recordings and psychophysical and speech assessments at Tabriz University, Iran. She is an associate professor in Iran University of Medical Sciences, School of Rehabilitation Sciences. Now she is a Post-Doctoral Fellow studying the effect of prenatal auditory stress on brain function in the female pregnant mice and their mail offspring using different neuroimaging techniques, and biochemical and behavioral assessments. Zahra is a researcher in human domain by special focus on selected topics of auditory cognitive neuroscience, i.e. auditory evoked potentials in people with auditory or visual disorders/deprivations, hearing implants, tinnitus, bilingualism, stroke, neurorehabilitation in neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer, Parkinson), and normal aging and brain/cognitive reserve. Her new position as a PDF under supervision of Drs. Majid Mohajerani and Bryan Kolb is a valuable opportunity to get further research experiences in animal model of auditory processing and brain behavior under prenatal auditory stress. In the context of the increasing unpleasant noise pollution from different resources such as traffic and recreational activities, the results of this project could provide an important practical message for all related scientists, policy makers and general people.

Recent Publications

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