Sergey Chekhov


Sergey Chekhov received his M.D. at Stavropol State Medical Academy in Russia. Then he switched from medicine to neurobiology and investigated the pattern of c-Fos protein distribution in the mouse hippocampus using single plane illumination microscopy at the Laboratory of Neurobiology of Memory at the P.K.Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology in Moscow, Russia. His further work in the same laboratory was focused on distinguishing and comparing different memory traces using immunohistochemical detection of c-Fos- and pCREB-positive neurons.


  • 2006 – M.D. with Honors, Stavropol State Medical Academy, Stavropol, Russia>

Current Role

In January 2013, Sergey joined Dr. Bruce L. McNaughton’s lab at the CCBN. His project is focused on investigating the mechanism by which the initial self-motion tracking is supplemented by cue-driven navigation in rats during the early stages of spatial learning. By measuring the rate remapping in hippocampal place cells, he is trying to understand how distant cues affect representation of the environment. He is also interested in investigating how these two navigation mechanisms interact with each other during memory formation: “Are they both stored in long-term memory?” and “Is information obtained using these two different strategies stored as a single memory trace or separately?”

Recent Publications

  • Amelchenko EM, Osokin AA, Zworikina SV, Chekhov SA, Lebedev AE, Voronin PA, Galatenko VV, Vetrov DP, Anokhin KV. (2013) Statistic parametric mapping of changes in gene activity in animal brain during acoustic stimulation. Bull Exp Biol Med. 2013 Mar;154(5):697-9.
  • Chekhov SA, Bezriadnov DV, Ivashkina OI, Amelchenko EM, Anokhin KV (2012) Immunohistochemical Detection of Two Neuronal Populations Involved in Two Different Episodes of Animal Cognitive Activity. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 154 (1): 115-117.
  • Amelchenko EM, Zworykina SV, Bezriadnov DV, Chekhov SA, Anokhin KV. (2012) Recovery of Impaired Memory and c-fos Gene Expression in Brains of Amnestic Animals in Response to Reminder Stimulation. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 153 (5): 738-741.
  • Svarnik OE, Chekhov SA, Anokhin KV. (2012) Learning-induced modifications of temporal correlations between retrosplenial cortical neurons in behaving rats. Society for Neuroscience (SFN) 2012, New Orleans, LA, USA.