Mitch Kesler

Phone: (403) 394-3959
Lab: EP 1213

Biography and Interests

M.Sc student in Bruce McNaughton’s lab.

My project focuses on the role that subcortical inputs play in modulating inputs to cortex and hippocampus with particular emphasis on how nucleus reuniens influences spatial navigatation, and non-declarative memory processes.

Nucleus reuniens is a part of the non-specific midline thalamic nuclei. It receives inputs from many regions of the limbic and cortical systems but projects to only a select few structures. In particular, and of significance to other ongoing Polaris projects, nucleus reuniens projects very strongly to both hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex. It is believed that reuniens may play an important role in modulating theta rhythms in hippocampus. Due to the significance of the limbic system’s role in spatial navigation, particular with respect to theta oscillations it is thus likely that nucleus reuniens plays an intergral role in this system. I hope, through electrophysiological study, that I may be able to elucidate the role of this nucleus. Electrophysiological recording studies of nucleus reuniens, up to this point and to my knowledge, have been neither conducted nor documented and thus such a study may impart a valuable contribution to our understanding of spatial navigation, and non-declarative memory processes.